Professional Fertilization & Weed Control Plans in Memphis, TN

Lawn Jox is the Midsouth area’s premier lawn care fertilization company. Our 8-step lawn treatment program is guaranteed to have your grass greener!

A Lawn Care Program that’s Safe for Everyone

We only use high-quality, kid & pet-friendly products that are safe for the environment. Our standard program begins with the spring thaw and continues through the fall. We’re one of the few professional lawn care companies that have a complete 8-step program.

Our 8-Step Fertilization Program

At Lawn Jox, we know a healthy lawn is a well-fertilized lawn. Our standard program is an effective 8-step application service that uses innovative fertilizer techniques and cutting-edge, year-round supplements to achieve the best results possible.

Application 1: Fertilization + Crabgrass Prevention & Weed Control

Lawn Jox applies our balanced-release fertilizer with pre-emergence herbicide to create a barrier that prevents crabgrass and broadleaf weed germination as well as post-emergence weed control for any existing weeds.

Application 2: Fertilization + Crabgrass Prevention & Weed Control

We’ll apply a second layer of pre-emergence herbicide to provide a secondary barrier that helps protect your lawn from weeds and crabgrass. We also spray post-emergence weed control for any existing weeds.

Application 3: Fertilization & Spot Weed Spraying

Our balanced-release liquid fertilizer promotes new, robust growth and prepares your lawn for long-term health and vitality. We also spray weed control for any existing weeds.

Application 4: Fertilization & Weed Control

The next round of fertilization nourishes grass, soil, and roots to promote drought tolerance and drive optimal growth. We also spray weed control for any existing weeds.

Application 5: Grub Prevention, Fertilization, & Weed Control

We’re still spraying for any weeds and our fertilizer is encouraging plant development and targeting roots to prepare your turf for the impending fall season. We also apply a grub prevention treatment to protect your lawn’s root system from grub damage later in the season

Application 6: Broad Leaf Prevention & Root Development

Another round of fertilizer to encourage root development in the fall growing season. Lawn Jox uses a uniqe weed control blend of pre and post-emergence herbicides specifically designed to target emerging poa annua and broadleaf weeds from taking root next spring.

Application 7: Lawn Winterizer & Custom Blended Pre-Emergent

Our winterizer fertilization ensures the roots have the nutrients they need for a quick, strong green-up in the spring. We also spray our blend of pre and post-emergence weed control to eliminate potential winter weeds and prevent unwwanted growth from spring germination.

Application 8: Soil Conditioning

We take a soil sample to create a turf care treatment plan that achieves the right pH balance. We’ll replenish your soil with limestone, reducing acidity levels, allowing the roots to absorb more water and nutrients as well as spray for any final pesky winter weeds.

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Beyond Fertilization:

What Our Lawn Fertilization Plans Also Include

In addition to our spring fertilization program, we also offer a multitude of lawn care services that can be used in single applications or as part of a customized package. our diverse capabilities include:

Weed Control

Crabgrass, fireweed, clover, dallisgrass, yellow nutsedge — our trained team uses a specialized blend of herbicides and fertilizer to eliminate whatever is ruining your lawn’s health.

Fungus & Disease Control

Misdiagnosed and untreated fungi and disease can wreak havoc on your lawn, beds, and gardens. Our team of turf authorities will carefully assess your property to develop a customized treatment plan that repairs and restores your yard’s health.

Core Aeration

Compacted soil starves your lawn and replaces healthy grass with dreaded thatch buildup. our core aeration services loosen up the soil, redistribute essential nutrients, and promote deep root growth to reduce thatch and deliver sustainable grass health.

Mosquitoes & Pest Prevention

In the Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas area, insects can pose a major problem. Not on our watch! Our customized insect control program specifically targets whatever is bugging you in your backyard. Fire ants, grubs, armyworms, and more — Lawn Jox terminates eggs, nests, and adult insects so you can start enjoying your life outdoors again.

Other Residential Lawn Care Services We Offer

Looking for more than a fertilization and weed control plan? We also offer a variety of lawn care services.

Mosquito and Lawn Pest Prevention Services in the Cedar Valley

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

Our professional weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing services keep your lawn looking fresh and crisp all season long with mowing, edging, trimming, and blowing.

Seasonal Landscape Clean up Services in Waterloo

Lawn Aeration

Aerate your compacted soil with our aeration services. This will allow our fertilization plans to have a maximum affect on the growth of your lawn.

Pond Maintenance Service in Cedar Valley

Mosquito & Lawn Pest Control

Enjoy your lawn again while also preventing lawn diseases and invasive species from entering your home and gardens. Our pest control plans prevent many kinds of pests.

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Free Service Calls

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Right Size Equipment

Lawn Jox started with push mowers and we still have them. We use the right sized equipment for the right job, optimizing our time and lowering your cost.


Professional, Uniformed Crews

Just like your lawn, we have standards with our appearance as well. All of our lawn care technicians are uniformed and professional.


Fully Licensed & Insured

As a fully licensed & insured lawn care company in the state of Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas, we make sure your assets are protected while on your property.


Electronic Quotes & Invoicing

We save on paper and make it easy to pay. With our electronic system, you’ll receive quotes and invoices on your devices so you can accept bids and pay invoices all online.


No Bad Surprises

Our mowing crews always visit your property on the same day of the week. For fertilization and week control we’ll let you know when we are coming a day in advance.


What Our Clients Say

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We have gone through a season and all the dead and bare spots in the lawn are now thick full grass. Weeds have been taken care of. We love the service. We also love that they come out without having to call them every time to service our yard. Would highly recommend this company.

Robert Taylor

Our Client

If you’re looking for lawn care in the Mid-South search no further. I requested an estimate on Saturday… Received the estimate on Monday… Lawn was mowed on Tuesday! Amazing customer service and I look forward to doing business with these guys for many years to come.

Davey Hooper

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