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Turn Key Raised Garden Beds

Our mission is simple: To make gardening easy!

We provide you with a way to grow a garden on your property with a beautiful raised garden bed that will last for years to come!

If you always wanted a Vegetable Garden but just do not have the time to build, haul the soil then that excuse is over! With a Lawn Jox built raised Garden bed we custom build to order, bring it to your property, prepare the site, install the bed and fill it will a Masters Mix garden soil! We can even plant out your new garden with the types of vegetables that you would like to grow and eat! Just think homegrown vegetables grown in your raised vegetable garden! I promise you no store-bought tomatoes can match the flavor of what you can grow in your backyard! Just think Tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, beets, okra and many more garden goodies! Then you get bragging rights with the beautiful produce you grow! Your neighbors with envy you and of course you might want to share!

Here is a price list of our raised garden beds:

4x4 foot 12 inch tall raised garden bed

Build out of corrugated metal sides, Cedar top plates, filled with Masters Mix garden soil, custom built in our shop, delivered to your home and installed!

$450 April and May special price

normally $595

Add-ons that enhance your garden

  • Drip irrigation kit installed includes water filter, pressure regulator, backflow, and drip emitters. Does not include timer!


    Note: a water supply needs to be within 40 feet of garden bed to install; also this does not include burying the supply pipe!)
  • Timer installed: set your garden on automatic water pilot with a digital timer!


  • Greenhouse cover: with greenhouse installation, grow crops all year, or get an early start with a greenhouse cover


  • Trellis: Grow vine crops like beans, peas, and tomatoes built from steel to last many years.


Lawn Jox: Turnkey Raised Garden Beds For Any Outdoor Space

Have you avoided planting a garden in your yard because you don’t think you have the time, space, or green thumb needed for success? Lawn Jox can help. Lawn Jox designs and installs gorgeous turnkey raised garden beds, perfect for properties of virtually every size.

Our Turnkey Raised Garden Beds Offer Several Unique Features

Beyond working in smaller spaces, raised garden beds offer homeowners in the region several impressive benefits, including:

  • Earlier planting cycles
  • Efficiently planted rows for optimal yield
  • Animal deterrence
  • Excellent soil drainage compared to traditional gardens
  • No soil compaction

Lawn Jox: We Do It All So You Don't Have To

Lawn Jox manages the entire flower bed installation process for you throughout the season to ensure you have everything needed for a lush, healthy, and strong outdoor garden.

Premium Quality Plant Food

A thriving garden is a well-fed one. Lawn Jox's technicians use premium quality fertilizers and plant food to create a robust ecosystem where your garden can flourish.

Effective Insect Control

While a raised garden may deter smaller animals from taking a nibble out of your plants, insects may still attempt to swoop in for a meal. Lawn Jox uses sprays with a highly effective insect control solution to keep even the most persistent pests away.

Weed Preventer And Killer

We carefully plant your garden to minimize weed growth. However, at Lawn Jox, we don't leave anything to chance when it comes to customer satisfaction. Our team also applies weed preventers and killers to proactively put an end to unwanted growth.

Horticultural Oil Application

Lawn Jox also uses a horticultural oil application to target scale, aphids, mites, and other potential threats to your gardens.

When it comes to raised garden beds, we truly to it all. Lawn Jox's professional landscape team will gladly do all the work while our customers reap what we sow!

Lawn Jox: We Customize Every Raised Garden

No one-size-fits-all treatment with us. At Lawn Jox, we know that all of our clients have their own garden vision. We collaborate with you to fully understand what will work best for our property. From there, we create a customized design to suit your personal tastes, style, and preferences. It really is that easy.

Best of all, Lawn Jox offers custom, turnkey raised gardens at affordable price points. We can create gorgeous designs to suit virtually any budget. It's just one of the many ways that Lawn Jox stands apart from the competition.

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