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Mole Reduction Program

Lawn Jox: Effective Mole Reduction Solutions

At Lawn Jox, we strive to be the region's one-stop resource for all things pest control. That's why, in addition to our flea, tick, mosquito, and insect treatments we also offer an innovative and highly effective mole reduction solution.

Do you have a mole situation on your home or business property?

Moles may be the cause of some of these telltale problems:

  • Digging marks in your beds and gardens
  • Rows of mounds throughout property
  • Tunneling in yard
  • Plants with exposed roots

If you've noticed any of these signs, you may be a prime candidate for Lawn Jox's Mole Reduction treatment program.

Moles Can Wreak Long-Term Damage To Your Yard And Beds

At Lawn Jox, we recognize that moles can prove the biggest vermin threat to our Tennessee and Mississippi customers' properties. These creatures do far more than leave unsightly hills throughout your property. When left alone, moles can:

  • Devour soil-enriching organisms
  • Hinder water drainage
  • Create an intricate underground tunneling system that depletes soil
  • Expose and destroy roots of all plantings

Worse yet, these voracious pests often attract other pests. Moles are a breeding ground for a wide range of parasites, including ticks, fleas, and mosquitos.

Lawn Jox: Our Two-Step Lawn Mole Control Process Targets And Removes Moles

Don't allow these furry, burrowing creatures to wreak havoc throughout your commercial or residential property. Partner with Lawn Jox to rid your lawn of this unwanted guest. Unlike some of our competitors, we believe in humane mole control to remove unwanted moles. Our safe, effective, two-step mole trapping approach includes:

  • Site Survey And Trap Setting

    Lawn Jox understands the value of evaluating every client site to create the best treatment strategy possible. We begin each Mole Reduction project by carefully assessing your lawn to determine the ideal place to set up our traps to catch these animals.
  • Bait Worms In Tunnels

    Not to brag, but Lawn Jox can often catch these critters using just step one. However, sometimes, a mole can go underground to avoid capture. Not on our watch. The Lawn Jox team will also use bait worms throughout the tunnels of your lawn to entice them to come to the surface where our traps are waiting.

Rest assured, Lawn Jox's Mole Reduction team is in it for the long haul. We will return every two or three days to not only catch a mole, but to ensure we catch all the moles damaging your property. Our program offers six months of service from our first site visit. Lawn Jox will continue to monitor your property on a monthly basis to prevent any future mole activity flare-ups.

Let Us Help Protect Your Lawn From Moles

At Lawn Jox, protecting and preserving your lawn is always our top priority. Our Mole Reduction program will eliminate this vermin without causing any further damage to your grass and beds. Contact us today to discuss your mole control issues with one of our trained professionals.

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