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Memphis has earned its reputation as an iconic, worldwide destination for a wide range of reasons. The music scene (Graceland, anyone?), the food, the culture – Memphis truly has it all. While most know that Memphis is a bustling hub full of shops, eateries, and manmade attractions, many don't realize that this city actually has a picturesque, natural side as well. The Memphis park system and extensive network of local green spaces raise the bar on what to expect from Tennessee landscapes and outdoor vistas.

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Overton And Shelby Farms: Gorgeous Examples Of Memphis Green Space

While there are far too many scenic trails, playgrounds, and picnic spots to count, there are two noteworthy Memphis parks that are popular with both locals and visitors to the region: Overton and Shelby Farms. Located in the heart of Memphis, Overton Park is a 340+ acre public park with natural terrain, a 9-hole golf course, two playgrounds, 126-acre Old Forest State Natural Area, and even the Memphis Zoo.

Nearby Shelby Park offers visitors a host of amenities like its 40 miles of trails perfect for walking, running, hiking, and biking. Shelby's broad trail network also consists of a renowned 10.65 miles paved trail. This cycling and pedestrian track not only offers an up-close look at native wild and plant life found here, but also connects Memphis to Cordova.

Lawn Jox: We Enhance Residential and Commercial Properties Throughout Memphis

At Lawn Jox, we believe that everyone has a beautiful retreat waiting in his or her backyard – it's our job to help our clients discover and define theirs. Since 2006, we have proudly served Memphis home and business owners to beautify their lawns, gardens, and beds.

Our services capabilities include:

Lawn Jox's trained, licensed, and insured landscaping crew truly does it all. We create a customized solution to suit any client need. From a single, weekly mowing to our full-scale, 8-step fertilization program, Lawn Jox delivers superior services that transform your property from mere grass into thick, plush, golf-course quality turf.

Customer Service Is Our Top Priority

At Lawn Jox, we take client service excellence very seriously. With us, you'll never feel like just a number. We treat all our customers with the personalized care, attention, and respect they deserve. Lawn Jox offers flexible scheduling for optimal client convenience – and we show up when we say we will. We also provide industry-leading pricing to give our customers the very best value possible.

Most importantly, Lawn Jox stands behind our work. We guarantee customer satisfaction on every service, treatment, and application we offer. Want to hear more? Contact our team today for a no-risk (no upsell) consultation with one of our professional lawn and turf specialists.

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