As the temperatures rise you are probably itching to get back outside and get your yard back into shape. Proper yard maintenance is key to achieving a healthy yard and getting started early will save you a lot in the long run.


Your yard should be aerated at least every other year to achieve a more attractive appearance. Aeration can also solve a host of problems that face your lawn such as compacted soil, water runoff, thatch buildup, and pooling water. Our soils become compacted from repeated use, foot traffic, and thatch buildup. This compacted soil gets packed so tight that not even air, water, or nutrients can reach the roots of your grass which can cause it to wither and die. Aeration solves this by punching tiny holes into your yard to allow water, air, and nutrients back into the soil.

Prepare Your Lawn Mowing EquipmentMaintaining your yard equipment helps make caring for your yard easier in Memphis TN

It’s time to get your lawnmower out and make sure it’s running properly. Make sure the blades are sharp and change the spark plug if necessary. Don’t be in a hurry to jump on your mower and start mowing your grass just yet. As tempting as it is to start mowing, keeping your grass short encourages root growth, resulting in thicker, lusher grass.

Prune and Trim

Your grass is important, but don’t overlook your trees and shrubs. Before they come out of dormancy, prune back all dead or low branches. This will allow the tree to fill in any bare spots and send nutrients to other parts of the tree. Keeping a tree healthy will ensure that it lasts for generations to come.

Prevent Mosquitos

Most of us don’t think about mosquitos until we swat the first one that lands on us. If you take into account that mosquitos breed in standing

Prevent mosquitoes and protect your yard in Cordova TN

 water, then you can get the upper hand and actually prevent these pests. There are a lot of places you might not think of as being nurseries for mosquito larvae. Besides the obvious places such as birdbaths, animal waterers, and rain barrels, there are many less obvious places that can retain water after it rains like flower pots, old tires, clogged gutters, and children’s toys. Keep your yard free of standing water and you’ll keep the population of mosquitos in your yard down so you can enjoy your deck or patio this summer.

Fertilize Dead Patches

It’s not uncommon to have a few dead patches in your lawn after winter. Most of the time these patches are easy to repair. First, you will need to dry the area out by raking up dead grass and debris. After the area is dry, reseed and apply fertilizer. Water the area regularly and you should see the patch disappear in a matter of weeks.

Make a Compost Pile

Having your own compost on hand can do wonders for your yard and garden. Creating a compost pile is easy. Anything organic can be added to a compost pile with the main ingredients being leaves and grass clippings. You can add other vegetable food scraps to the pile as well. However, there are certain things you should not compost such as meat, dairy, or diseased plant material.

Hire A Professional Lawn Care Service

After all the prep work is done, you still have to maintain your yard for the rest of the summer. This is where the experts at Lawn Jox come in. We can keep your yard in shape all year with our customized lawn care programs designed specifically for your yard’s needs.

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