Have you ever heard of the expression, “tough love”? This expression is generally used when one individual treats another harshly, with the intent to help them in the long run. A prime example of this would be a parent disciplining their child. It’s difficult to do, but you know it will be of benefit to them in the future.

Another great example of tough love is pruning your trees and shrubs. While it may be difficult to remove branches/stems from your trees and shrubs, you are doing it with the intent of increasing the fruitfulness and growth come springtime. You’re planning for the future! Here are five benefits to pruning your trees and shrubs before winter:

Growthgreen healthy tree in MS

One of the first things to look for when pruning is any branch that is dead, damaged, or diseased. By removing these branches you are creating room for proper growth, and that also allows more sunlight and air to run through the healthy parts of your tree or shrub. Simply put, any branches that prohibit the natural form of the plant should be removed.

Insect Control

Leaving dead and diseased branches on your trees or shrubs can create an inviting environment for pests and critters. Also, if you have a tree/shrub that is overgrowing, it can provide cover and shelter for all different types of pests. If the plants/shrubs are close to your home, an infestation becomes more likely. Pruning not only prevents pests from damaging your trees and shrubs, but it also keeps them away from your home and outside where they belong.


Think about walking out of the barbershop after a haircut… You look better, you feel better, and your hair will grow back looking better than ever. Pruning is a haircut for your tree! After pruning, the tree looks better, feels better, and will grow back greener, and healthier (and your neighbors will be impressed!)

Longevitypruning shrub in Olive Branch, Mississippi

Clearing out dead, or diseased branches significantly reduce the stress placed on the tree or shrub. It also allows the necessary nutrients to go to parts of the plant that are thriving, not dying. This is especially important when the plant is storing nutrients to survive the winter months.


A windy day is all it takes for a dead or diseased branch to come crashing down on your home, vehicle, or landscape. Pruning these branches reduces the risk of this happening, and protects your personal property.

Pruning is a tedious task that plays a vital role in the overall health, appearance, and growth of your trees and shrubs. That’s why at Lawn Jox we have our pruning service that:

  • Improves tree and shrub longevity
  • Minimizes risk of disease
  • Promotes growth
  • Enhances drought and wind resistance
  • Increases structural integrity


Give us a call at (901) LAWN-JOX to see how our professionals can help you get the most beautiful (and healthiest) lawn on the block!