Of all the work that goes into getting ready for the holidays, it seems we are always rushing around at the last minute. We all have those people that we hate shopping for, admit it, you do. Well, don’t stress out about what you haven’t bought. I’m here to save you from buying that corny coffee mug, that piggy bank that keeps track of how much money you have — stop, just stop…


Of all the gift ideas that you were struggling to come up with I bet you never once thought about lawn care services as a gift. Am I right?


Think about it. Lawn care is something every homeowner does, do they like doing it? Sometimes, but let’s be honest, yard work is a pain in the butt. A couple of years of mowing, watering, and raking leaves is enough to make anyone wish they lived in an apartment or a condo where they never have to cut a blade of grass again.

lawn care services in memphis TN


Now you’re thinking about it.


There’s more to yard work than just mowing. There’s tree and shrub care, pest and disease control, fertilizing schedules, and lawn aeration. It’s enough to drive you crazy.

Take some of the load off someone special this year.


Check out Lawn Jox. It’s your one-stop shop for everything lawn care. We have the experience and expertise to know specifically what your yard needs to look its best.


Lawn Mowing


A homeowner can spend an hour or more on their lawn each week and if they have a job that task is usually reserved for the weekend. I don’t know about you but I like to spend my free time relaxing or with my family. Not mowing and raking the lawn.


Check out Lawn Jox’s affordable rate plan and take the load off of someone you love.


Core Aeration

lawn aeration in memphis TN


A treat for any homeowner and one of our essential lawn care services, core aeration can solve a multitude of turf problems that may have you scratching your head.


  • Spongy Grass:

    • This is caused by layers of dead grass and organic matter building up on top of the soil. Also known as thatch, this stuff can become so thick that it becomes impermeable to water.


  • Pooling Water:

    • As stated above, thatch can prevent water absorption causing pools of standing water in your yard after it rains or after you water it. As we know too well here in the south, standing water breeds mosquitos and disease.


  • Compacted Soil:

    • As a result of no water being able to pass through the thatch, the ground underneath becomes dry and compacted, almost like cement. This prevents roots from being able to get water and grow, essentially choking the grass.


Core aeration can help with that. By punching a series of holes in your grass it allows water and air to get down into the dirt and loosen things up. This gets roots growing again.


The reason many homeowners avoid aeration is that it’s too time-consuming. After spending two hours on the mower who wants to waste even more time doing chores?


Leave it to Lawn Jox. They are experts on core aeration and will gladly take the work off your hands so you can use it to do what you want. What a gift, right?


General Maintainance


Lawn Jox is the perfect gift for elderly people who don’t have the energy or are not able to get outside and take care of their yard.


Whatever you need, Lawn Jox will do it:


  • Spring cleanup

  • Garden cleanup

  • Flowerbeds

  • Sticks

  • Fall cleanup


Mosquito Control


We all love enjoying our yards during the summer and we occasionally like to host get-togethers on our deck. But it seems that they always end the same way, getting chased back indoors by mosquitos.


Well here’s a gift to make everyone happy: mosquito control.


Ditch the candles and the sprays, they don’t work. Mosquitos know how to find you when they want to… and they will.


With Lawn Jox trained professionals will come out to your property, assess your mosquito situation, and develop a plan to suit your yard. They don’t just come out once, they come back regularly throughout the season to re-spray for adults, eggs, and larva.


Their treatment is so effective that your guests will notice the lack of mosquitos buzzing around their heads.


Raised Gardens


Another one of our unique lawn care services from Lawn Jox is raised garden beds.

No more sore back: A raised garden bed provides easier access to your plants and less stooping and bending over.


  • Good drainage:

    • Raised beds provide good drainage even in heavy rains. Because the soil is loose it allows water to seep down and drain out.


  • Better weed control:

    • Because raised flower beds are usually filled with new soil and compost it takes a while for new weeds to establish but when they do they are much easier to remove.


  • Better pest control:

    • They may not keep out deer or insects but they do a good job of keeping out rabbits and preventing dogs from urinating on the plants. Even if you do encounter a problem, the fact that the garden is raised makes it a lot easier to fix.

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Raised gardens are superior to traditional gardens in every way and if you call right now you will get $100 off either the 4×4 or 4×8 garden beds.


Tree and Shrubs

tree care in Memphis TN


If it’s tree and shrub care you’re looking for then Lawn Jox has you covered in that area as well. With their 7 step treatment program your trees will get the best care around.

  • Dormant Oils:

    • Dormant oils are applied in the spring to prevent bug infestations on your trees.


  • Deep Root Fertilization:

    • Targeted fertilization injections right into the roots for maximum effect and zero competition from competing plants.


  • Pesticide and Fungicide:

    • Recurring applications throughout the year to ward off pests and common diseases.


Contact Us Today


Now that you know all the great lawn care services offered by Lawn Jox why not pick up the phone and call us at 901-529-6569 or leave us a message on our website. Get the perfect gift for someone who would love a beautiful healthy lawn without all the hard work.