By the time fall rolls around, we are all tired of the mosquitoes swarming our properties. Unfortunately, here in Mississippi, our gorgeous southern weather means that we often experience an extended pest season. These backyard parasites can prove more than just an outdoor nuisance. When left untreated, mosquito infestations can quickly transmit a multitude of significant diseases. Zika virus, EEE, and West Nile are just a few of the illnesses on a seemingly ever-growing list that can come from just a single bite from one of these backyard bugs. Mosquito control is something that should be considered even in the fall.

mosquito control swarm

Make Your Property Unattractive To Mosquitoes

While it’s virtually impossible to eliminate every mosquito on your property, you can use a few easy tips and strategies to help control and reduce the population of these pests in your yard:

Get Rid Of Standing Water

Many people are surprised to learn that mosquitoes prefer stagnant, shallow water to fresh, clean, moving water. Mosquitoes thrive in standing, still water. Where you see a puddle on your property, a mosquito sees its new long-term habitat. They will feed, nest, and breed in any sized body of stagnant water. Landscape ponds, birdbaths, dog bowls, and anything that can collect rainwater are just a few spots to check. Carefully work through your yard and eliminate any pooling water to minimize the risk of these pests making your property their new home.

Manage Tall Grass And Shrubbery

Mosquitoes seek shelter and rest in tall, unmaintained grass, shrubs, and plants. While they won’t breed in high grass and vegetation, they can spend an excessive amount of time there. Keeping your property well maintained can instantly reduce the chance of mosquitoes wanting to rejuvenate in your yard after a long night of feeding. Whenever possible, keep your lawn cut to a length of 5 inches or less to deter these bugs from making your property their daytime hangout.

mosquito control clean your gutters

Clean Your Gutters

Over time, your unchecked gutters can get clogged with all manner of outdoor debris. Leaves, twigs, dirt, and even materials from your home are just some of the items that can find their way into your downspouts. This can prove a beacon for mosquitoes searching for shelter from the elements. Keeping your gutters clean is an easy strategy for mosquito control that will immediately make your property less appealing to this and other pests.

Invest In A Fan

Most people don’t realize that as persistent as mosquitoes may be, they are actually really weak flyers. Set up an outdoor oscillating fan before your next al fresco gathering. The strength of the fan’s wind often proves too much for the mosquitoes, forcing them to find their next meal somewhere else.

Hire A Professional For Your Mosquito Control

Sometimes, even our best efforts aren’t enough to effectively reduce the mosquito populations in our yard. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Partner with a professional mosquito control company. A qualified pest control team will assess your yard to pinpoint mosquito hotspots and create a customized solution to minimize the threat of these bugs throughout your yard.

Are you struggling with mosquitoes in your Mississippi property? Lawn Jox can help. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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