Minimalistic gardening is the idea of gardening in a small defined space that keeps maintenance to a minimum. It’s a great choice for people with small yards, seniors, or people with not enough time on their hands but still want to enjoy the benefits of growing your own food. This trend is growing more popular in the United States and you might have thought about or even been curious about how to go about it.

Potted Plants

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Potted plants make gardening a breeze. It’s like having a garden but without all the unused space that eventually fills in with weeds. Vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, kale, and eggplants make great potted plant candidates as they do not outgrow the pot and have shallow root systems. Potted plants can be left on your deck or patio and brought in during violent storms or to protect them from early or late frosts.

Herb PlantersHerb planters are an excellent minimalist gardening idea for your Tennessee home.

Herb planters are a favorite among gardeners who love to cook with fresh herbs. These herb planters can be placed outside or right in your kitchen window for convenience. They don’t take up too much space and they look great by adding a bit of color and interest to your kitchen.

Indoor Plants

Some people don’t have time to be watering and feeding plants on a regular schedule. That’s why many people on the go choose to raise indoor plants. House plants are great because most of them require very little water and sunlight, making them ideal plants for people with busy work schedules or people who do a lot of traveling. Indoor plants also give you the benefit of clean air and more lively living space.

Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are an ideal alternative to traditional gardens and have many more benefits. With a raised garden bed you have the advantage of easy access to your plants. No more back-breaking work stooping or bending over to pull weeds. With a raised vegetable garden it is at the right height to comfortably tend to your crops. What’s more, raised beds are out of reach of garden pests like groundhogs and rabbits. Since there is less surface area you will see a great reduction in the number of weeds that spring up and when they do it is easy to pull them out. You can landscape your raised garden beds with stone paths or brick pavers to make them even more attractive.


Xeriscaping is a minimalistic gardening idea that uses drought-resistant or native plants like red buckeye and witch hazel that don’t require a lot of water or hard work. By designing your landscapes with native plants you don’t have to worry about constant watering and feeding as these plants have adapted to our climate and can do just fine with minimal effort from you.

Hire A Lawn Care Service

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