Holiday shopping is never easy. Finding the right gift for the right person can be stressful and difficult. If you’re looking for a unique gift that will just get better over time, then a lawn care program from Lawn Jox may be the best choice. Help someone you love establish and maintain a beautiful lawn all year long. This gift is so great, you may even add it to your own wishlist. Here are a few reasons to consider giving the gift of a healthy lawn as your next holiday gift.

Getting Your Lawn Care Schedule

Too many people wait too long to sign up for a lawn care program. Waiting until there’s already a problem means you’ll always be playing catch-up. With the gift of a lawn care program from Lawn Jox, you’ll be ensuring your lawn care starts at the earliest possible time, before any major problems can arise. This means your lawn will start the year out healthy and will stay healthy as we treat it throughout the year.

Consistently Feed the Lawn Throughout the Year

Give the gift of a healthy lawn with a lawn care program from Lawn Jox here in Horn Lake, MS.
Making sure your lawn gets the right nutrients throughout the year is essential to maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn. With the Spring Program from Lawn Jox, we make sure the lawn is properly and consistently fed, all year long. The Spring Program includes 8 applications from the spring thaw until the end of fall. Each treatment is specially designed to benefit the lawn at that specific time of year.

Consistent Weed Control for a Weed-Free Lawn

The gift of a lawn care program from Lawn Jox means you’ll be getting consistent weed control throughout the year, resulting in a weed-free lawn. Our pre-emergent treatments in the spring and fall will prevent weed seeds from overwintering and germinating in the lawn. Post-emergent weed control throughout the rest of the year eliminates any weeds that manage to sprout. By having fewer weeds, your grass will have competition-free access to all the resources and nutrients it needs.

Contact the Professionals at Lawn Jox

Here at Lawn Jox, we offer much more than just an excellent lawn care program. Any of our services would make an excellent holiday gift for you or someone you love. Here are a few services to choose from.

Additional Lawn Jox Services:

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