When plants go dormant in the fall,conventional fertilization is great during the spring and summer and into the fall  they stop sending nutrients up to leaves and focus on storing food in the roots. This makes fall an opportune time to fertilize and also helps the plant get a head start in the spring. One thing you may want to consider is deep root fertilization.

Traditional Fertilizers

The problem with traditional fertilization methods is that the tree is prevented from using the fertilizer to its full potential. Usually, fertilizer is laid on the surface. However, this can take a long time to reach the roots of the tree if it reaches it at all. Your plant is also in constant competition with grass and nearby vegetation for water, sunlight, and nutrients.  Due to this competition, your tree’s health can be compromised. That’s why at Lawn Jox our preferred method of fertilization is deep root fertilization.

What Is Deep Root Fertilization?

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Deep root fertilization is a special targeted process that involves using high-pressure to inject a time-released balance of fertilizer and nutrients directly into the roots. As a result, this method encourages tree and shrub health throughout the year. Therefore, the benefits are long-lasting and significant.

deep root fertilization is a must for your trees this fall

The Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization

  1. Encourages root growth
  2. Proper nutrients for trees
  3. Healthier more attractive trees
  4. Soil Aeration
  5. Reduction of soil compaction
  6. Protection from disease and insects
  7. Promotes healthy foliage

Only the professionals can apply deep root fertilization. At Lawn Jox, we provide a seven-step fertilization program from February through December. So call and make an appointment today to make sure your trees and shrubs come back next spring in all their glory.