Professional Tree & Shrub Care Plans



License & Insured

Insect Control

Prevent invasive insects and pests from feeding on your healthy trees such as Japanese beetles, webworms, and even deer. Not only will your trees be healthy, but these pests will keep away from your landscape.

Tree Fertilization

Just like our grass, trees need nourishment too. We provide tree and shrub fertilization plans to make sure your trees grow just as healthy as your lawn does.

Fungus Control

With the amount of water trees can retain mixed with the perfect place for invasive species to make homes and food out of them, fungus and disease is prominent in our trees. We help prevent this.

Our Complete Tree & Shrub Care Plan

We’re not just your professional lawn care company, we’re your professional tree care company too. Our 7-step tree care program will have your trees looking pristine and healthy all season long.


Early Spring Dormant Oil / Insecticide

Liquid application of dormant oil plus systemic insecticide to control scale and other insect problems during the season!


Spring Deep Root Tree & Shrub Fertilization With Systemic Insecticide

Deep-root injection of liquid fertilizer plus a systemic insecticide to control leaf-feeding insects.


Tree & Shrub Pest & Disease Control

Liquid treatment of insecticide and fungicide to control most insect and disease problems.


Insect & Disease Control

A second liquid treatment of insecticide and fungicide to control most insect and disease problems


Late Summer Insect & Disease Control

Liquid treatment of insecticide and miticide to control most insect and mite problems.


Organic Tree & Shrub Care with Soil Building Amendment

Liquid drench of Soil Builder organic soil amendment to help replenish the soil!


Late Fall Deep-Root Fertilizer

Deep-root injection of liquid fertilizer to all trees and shrubs except spring flowering plants such as Azaleas.

Why Choose Lawn Jox?

Free Service Calls

Our job is to make sure your lawn is beautiful all season long. If you think there is something wrong with your lawn, call us. The inspection is free.

Right Size Equipment

Lawn Jox started with push mowers and we still have them. We use the right sized equipment for the right job, optimizing our time and lowering your cost.

Professional, Uniformed Crews

Just like your lawn, we have standards with our appearance as well. All of our lawn care technicians are uniformed and professional.

Fully Licensed & Insured

As a fully licensed & insured lawn care company in the state of Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas, we make sure your assets are protected while on your property.

Electronic Quotes & Invoicing

e save on paper and make it easy to pay. With our electronic system, you’ll receive quotes and invoices on your devices so you can accept bids and pay invoices all online.

No Bad Surprises

Our mowing crews always visit your property on the same day of the week. For fertilization and week control we’ll let you know when we are coming a day in advance.

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