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Reclaim Your Lawn From Harmful Pests

At Lawn Jox, we never sell services or strategies you don’t need. We offer customers several control solutions so every client gets a perfect treatment fit. Just have mosquitoes? Not a problem. We offer seasonal and ad hoc applications that only target these pests. Worried about fleas and ticks? We provide a separate flea and / or tick prevention service that specifically eradicates their populations in your yard. Being plagued with all three? You’re a prime candidate for our Mosquito Plus program. Lawn Jox’ Mosquito Plus provides effective, consistent treatment throughout the most active seasons for noticeable results.

What our Mosquito & Pest Control Services Include

Mosquitoes are the most common pest our customers have problems with. But we offer complete programs and treatment plans for a slew of other lawn pests such as:


Ticks are one of the most dangerous lawn parasites for our family and our pest. They can often be hard to see and they burrow into skin before you know it. In addition to that, they also carry pretty harmful diseases such as Lyme disease.


When grubs mature, they turn into some form of beetle, typically Japanese beetles or June bugs. They live beneath our soil and feed on our grass’ roots causing damage to our lawn.


Fleas are one of the worst nightmares for pet owners. With our flea prevention treatments, you won’t have to worry about bringing fleas into your house or worry about your pet getting them.

Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are the result of grubs in our soil. These are the colorful looking beetles we see flying around and there are typically a lot of them in any given area. They feed on our leaves and folliage and cause tree damage and diseases.


Most people aren’t fans of spiders. If your lawn is prone to having a diverse array of insects and other pests, spiders can move in as it makes for nice hunting grounds. Even worse, they like to make our homes their own. We’ll help rid your lawn of spiders.

Prevent Exposure and Lower Your Family’s Risk to Diseases

Every time you spend time in your yard, you, your family, and your pets risk exposure to sicknesses. Unfortunately, the lengthy list of pest-borne illnesses seems to grow with every passing season. Stop letting these vicious bugs enjoy the best parts of your property while you’re trapped inside. Partner with Lawn Jox for mosquito, flea, and tick services you can trust!

Complete Pest Control Plans that Cover Every Inch of Your Landscape

Lawn Jox designs and delivers full-scale mosquito, flea, and tick solutions to suit residential or commercial properties of any size. Whether you’re suffering from a serious bug onslaught or just want to take proactive measures to protect your family from these dreadful insects, lawn Jox’ innovative and effective pest control services deliver results. We don’t just blanket mosquito spray your lawns, gardens, and beds; our professional technicians customize our treatment to target these insects where they swarm, feed, and thrive.

Lawn Jox will carefully evaluate your property to indentify:

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Our job is to make sure your lawn is beautiful all season long. If you think there is something wrong with your lawn, call us. The inspection is free.

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Lawn Jox started with push mowers and we still have them. We use the right sized equipment for the right job, optimizing our time and lowering your cost.

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Just like your lawn, we have standards with our appearance as well. All of our lawn care technicians are uniformed and professional.

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As a fully licensed & insured lawn care company in the state of Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas, we make sure your assets are protected while on your property.

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e save on paper and make it easy to pay. With our electronic system, you’ll receive quotes and invoices on your devices so you can accept bids and pay invoices all online.

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