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Do you want your lawn looking it’s best this summer? 

Ever asked the questions why professionals that manage lawns do what they do?  What is the goal? Why does it cost so much to have a beautiful lawn? And many more questions. I will try to answer some of them by explaining what we do on each visit and why. 

Our 8 Application Fertilization Plan

Visit 1 Jan\Feb</h2 >

Spraying the entire lawn with products that control winter weeds that may be present, and products that stop late winter weeds before they grow (This is always what we want to do is prevent weed growth! Like Grandma said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and boy in the weed control business it is King!) Some lawns are blue, why? While it looks cool is does absolutely nothing for the grass, soil or weeds! It’s nothing more than an indicator to see where a tech sprays and will be gone in a few days! Our ride on machines has a foam dot marker so we can see where we been! Why spray the lawn now, there’s no weeds!! It goes back to Prevention, when we made an application in the fall it prevented 90% of the weeds, so we are taking care of the 10% left and preventing the next 90%! 

Visit 2 Feb/Mar

Spraying the entire lawn with Different products (Got to target summer weeds now) but we add products to the mix to catch the 10% that might have escaped and got to stop that Crabgrass and other summer annuals with products that prevent them guys! The worst thing in managing turf is to have to fight weeds in the summertime that are easily prevented in the early part of the year! How do you know when to apply and what to apply? Well, that’s a loaded question, but the number one thing we as Licensed Operators have to know is soil temp! Temps coming up and temps going down, you miss either one of these guys for preemergent, I promise you will not do it but once!

Visit 3 April/May 

Spraying the entire lawn! This time we need to help the turf wake up! It’s been asleep for a few months now! It’s cold, the sunshine is short, and the dormant grass is tall blocking what sun is shining and needs to be mowed as short as possible! We are spraying a stabilized Nitrogen that will be there as the turf wakes up, also added is Magnesium, Boron, Iron, Manganese, zinc and other nutrients for turf! It is very important to get a good jump start growing grass in the spring. 

Visit 4 May/June

Spraying the entire lawn with Stabilized Nitrogen and Micronutrients along with iron to get that deep dark green we all love! We are also adding in a booster of Pre-emergent to increase the effectiveness of the spring application! Also adding in a sedge control product to catch the small yellow nutsedge plants!

Visit 5 July/August

Spreading out granular Fertilizer! It’s hot, its dry! Granular makes perfect since, we use a slow-release product to help feed long into the fall time! We will address any hard knuckle headed weeds like Dallisgrass! There is no prevention for this weed and control is best with roundup or dig it up! If you have an infestation of this weed it can take years to get it control! People often confuse Dallisgrass with Crabgrass and make matters worse with Dallisgrass! The best defense for weeds is a healthy dense lawn, that way it makes it hard for weeds to compete! Therefore, we do not skimp on feeding the lawns we manage!

Visit 6 Sept/Oct

The summer has been long and hot and now we are chasing the soil temps down! So, we spray the entire lawn with products to the stop the growth of winter weeds like Poa, got to get every lawn in before soil temps drop below 70 degrees!  Pre-emergent applications are the backbone of a weed control program, it is extremely difficult and very expensive to spray products to control weeds that are present, at best you control the ones you see but below the canopy is the next ones that show up a couple weeks later, its like you did not kill anything!

Visit 7 Oct/Nov

We do a booster (we call it a split application) of pre emergent spiked with post control product to catch anything that may have slipped through! Wow what a year, managing turf is like a 8 mile foot race, we got one more thing to before we get to spend sometime with family over the holidays!!

Visit 8 Nov/Dec

Lime! I hear it sometimes; I don’t need any lime! Well without getting into a ton of soil science, why in the heck do we need Lime! Simple, we live in an area that PH is low like 5 to 6.5! but I have seen it in the 4’s, (why its hard to say but I see a lot of debris buried in the ground when new homes are built) and I guarantee that lawn will look bad turf, will not grow and weeds are crazy out of control! In cases like this we need more than a maintenance application of lime! And may have to dig around to see if we can find the answer! We want the ph to be close to 6.5 for the best turf growth! If we do all the work over the course of the  year and let the ph keep drifting down in the 5’s makes no sense!

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